All Lit Up

by Andi Action

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released August 4, 2015

All songs written, preformed and recorded by Andi Action.
*Except "Liar's Tale," which was written by Mr. Robert Pollard.

All songs mastered by Andi Action and Prince Igor.

Cover photo credit to Mr. Kelly Anderson.
Cover layout and graphic design credit to Mr. Steve Strupp.

*Dear Listener:

If you choose to pay for this collection of tunes please be advised that "Liar's Tale" is intended to be downloaded only for free and for "fun." Mr. Robert Pollard once wrote me a letter back less than a week after I sent him one (advising that I realize the Cleveland Browns are "fuck[ed]" no less). He rocks and I wish to make no $$$ off of him.



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Andi Action Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Gettin' Lit
what'd i tell you?
well worse come to worse
yeah, you'll see it in the stars
but you'll hear it from me first

Andi Action yeah that's my name
but i need sexual attraction to rein my game in

[...indiscernible gratitude...]

baby here i stand
a stained-glass man
with a technicolored tan
and his pockets full of sand
with that Throwback brand
the stained-glass man (#1 in the Land)

i remember our last night
at some art school admission lady's place
is that right?

someone you knew was watching her house
i snuck upstairs to play piano
while you girls chilled on the couch
never missin' or dissin' or kissin'
or Mad Men on TV or mad me
was the first i saw that show

honey here i go
"deep-type flow"
and i'm on one i know
but i can't let it show
[...sorrows of Man...]

(ahh so damn long
and it's my favorite song
and the fadeout ring
and i hardly can sing
with the back-up boys
and the toys all around...)
Track Name: Roy's Vision
don't it ever seem
like your life is just a series of stupid dreams?
6-9-12-15 things you did not mean
and so you might as well count it all up by 3's
try to find some biblical number that's clean
yeah, yeah

and can you see my perfect vision of eternity?
it's in that Roy Orbison harmony
she'll always be a mystery to me
anything you want it, you got it, it's free
yeah, yeah, yeah

[sound of resignation and also of joy]
Track Name: Wild Swans at Coole
surrounded by voices
i still make my own choices
despite where they guide me like:

i get drunk in bars
i fix my own car
and nobody knows the difference 'cause
yeah i like to sleep
but no manger can keep my mind
from waxing hungry
so this one's for Steve and my buddy Pete
'cause i know they know this song like:

everybody's got a story to tell
smoke some weed then you're going to Hell
and then ya go to work and you're just on time
and no one, no one knows that you're walkin' the Line
yeah, you're walkin' the Line
yeah, you're walkin' the Line

the wild swans at Coole
baby i am five and twenty

the wild swans at Coole
honey can you count their feathers?

those wild swans at Coole
baby i am five and twenty

the wild swans at Coole
baby can you count their feathers?
Track Name: Liar's Tale (GBV Cover)
*music and lyrics by Guided By Voices

let me tell you a story
conclusive, based on fact
long ago in the morning
she left did not come back

and i don't really care anymore
no i don't really care

change the days into nights
and you'll know when the feeling is right
'cause this tale is too long
the plot is weak and the characters wrong

and i don't really care anymore
no i don't really care

but she changed my life
i thought she loved me

and I will pray for you
you'll see the truth
'cause that's the way it's supposed to be

let me tell you a story
about the way that she was
let me tell you a story
about the way that she was
Track Name: Big Drinker 2
i want to love you like a marathon runner
triple fast heart, ace, no stunner
caught up in fall like some kinda double summer bummer

and i really hope that you get famous
live your life so they know what your name is
twenty years then i'll say "hey, i dated ya"

'cause i can see the makeup underneath your shades
it's not running in place, it's down your face
at the slow steady clip of a long distance race
never did care much to come in first place
just need a little heart and a hand to embrace
hey yeah

i really wish that we'd met on New Year's
implied kiss, drink a couple of lite beers
fog rolls, cat feet, then it disappears

and i really wish that i knew Jens Lekman
could call him up, be like "hey, what's up man?"
"i got this dream that i'm kinda tryna understand"

'cause i can see the doubt written all about your face
but it's filled with Grace and Patience to wait
and you know i am not that kind of man
usually just grab at whatever i can
come up bruised, bloody, broken with two empty hands
and a mind full of trash more than i can stand
hey yeah

now Lord, take this burden from me
and give it to some lesser servant
because Lord,
baby, i just got so damn bored
i could have done so much more but i was stupid

i want to love you like a marathon runner
i want to love you like a marathon runner

i want to love you like a marathon runner would
Track Name: Bessie's Mama
when i heard her mama died
i stood up and cried
though i could not stand Bessie's mother

after all of these years
i guess i still had some tears
for an ex-girl i love like a brother

and hey yeah i know
that as far as Love goes
i was just a blip on her screen

but there ain't not canyon of hope
without some length of rope
to let down to a man with a dream
Track Name: Queen of My Life
you like Marb Lights
i said, "o that's fuckin' nice"
"may i get sip?"
instead i took a rip

'cause i want to kiss
your cigarette lips
in a cash-only bar
or behind your mama's car

and you want to live
under a dirty bridge
with other homeless kids
and i want to be rich

so i study your tattoos
but they don't got no clues
why ya'll got the Blues
queen of my life

o Andi they're comin' for you boy
you didn't know it, but now you do boy
o Andi they're comin' for you boy

now you don't smoke pot
and i thought that was hot
but it turns out you lied
'cause we got high and died

and i don't know what you like
but i brought Coors Light
to the punk rock house
so no one will pass out

and if we met online
i swear i'm a nice guy
i don't even bite
9/10 of the time

'cause i want our love
to be ordained from above
but still with all that secular stuff
queen of my life
Track Name: Opening Night
i remember that first night
sleeping in that metal frame bed
we must of fell out two times alright
i said, "just do what you just did again"

and i remember that last night
sleeping in your regular bed
i looked at you and we'd knew what we'd do
because tears were falling from your head

couple years go on by now
and i still play in that rock 'n roll band
things go on through but i knew what to do
i was grateful to have held your hand
Track Name: Goth Pageant
whoa, where does it go?
holidays, ashtrays, then you're twenty-nine
and you're trying to find
the time of your life, a hot wife, peace of mind
from the outside behind of a life
you've resigned to go through with eyes closed
and stuffed up earholes
loose lips that sink ships with nothing much to show

now can you imagine a goth themed pageant
where i come in first place?
'cause i got that soul that's painted up gold
and trimmed with black lace

now i ain't no breaker, no dumb ass-shaker
no heart-quaker of a man
'cause i got that lease on life's inner peace
and a fucking good rock 'n roll band

whoa, now rewind in slow-mo
to the time i came on just a bit too damn strong
like some jacked up old dog
just barking and harking with nothing much to say

so paint me a picture of an Irish Setter
and do it from your memory
yeah, doggies are nice but Andi licks wetter
just come and you'll see
now i'm no ball-breaker, no dumb ass rule-maker
sent with a whip or a chain
i'm just a star who's light went too far
won't cause no more pain
Track Name: Sleeping Weather
it's sleeping weather
we are together
there's blood in my mouth
'cause you cut the truth out
it's so hard to say
in a whisper just inches away
from the place where i thought things would stay

now there is this hallway
so stunningly long they
wrote out the miles right there on the tiles
and i count my steps
but really my breath to bed
and i say, "i just need to clear my head"


she was rich and i was pretty
she was the last cowgirl in the city

now this is my last throw
of rocks at your window
climb the lattice up into your room
it's your last night
in this town you never liked
and all we want to do is fight

but now i am older
and several Octobers have past
since i last heard that offhand phrase
so Greg can you tell me
does sleeping weather ever change?
could it ever learn to forget a name?
could i really promise to do the same?